A downloadable game

Santa is coming to town!

And it's YOUR job to make sure he goes to the right homes.

Use your Oh Oh Operating System to mark the houses that santa need to visit and what he should give to which house. 

Try to last as long as you can without getting fired. 

This game is randomly generated, so no 2 playthroughs are the same. 

EDIT: Made an updated version of the game jam entry to fix various typos, the percentages on the kids, and the saving system



In the map hover over the houses to see what are their addresses and drag the presents to which you think is the correct house, if you want to delete a present drag and drop the red X box on top of it. Click on a house to send a elf team.

In the letters check all the kids you need to send the presents to, they will normally have what they want and where they live.

If you select in the map one of the houses, you can talk with the chief of operation, he will ask you for permissions to do various tasks and also give you important intel.



OhOhOS.exe 2 MB
OhOhOS - HolidayGameJam Version.exe 2 MB


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This is a really interesting concept. I understand that there are several issues with the UI, and there's a general need of polish, but what I'm liking what I see. I encourage you to expand upon this idea, because this could be something even greater. Good luck, and Merry Christmas!


Thank you very much for the feedback! Merry Christmas!